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Parent and Family Engagement Program


Naatsis’aan Community School, Inc. (NCS) has put in effect a new program, titled “Parent and Family Engagement Program.” This program creates the space for parental and family involvement with their child’s education. Among many reasons for the program, the main purpose is to engage the parents with their child’s overall learning experience. In doing so, the program will provide the space and time for activities that develops a stronger relationship between the child, parent, teacher/school, and the community.




Naatsis’aan Community School is required through Title 1 and by way of the EVERY STUDENT SUCCEEDS ACT (ESSA) to provide a program that engages the parents to participate and get involved with their child’s education. With that, NCS has received federal funding and is mandated to fund the program. Assessment and accountability measures are in place to ensure proper management of the program. NCS thus has a committee in place, the School Community Resource Team (SCRT) to organize and delegate require duties and responsibilities of the program. This policy was created due to research indicating, “that students with involved parents, no matter what their income or background, are more likely to—earn higher grades, pass their classes, attend school regularly, graduate and go on to postsecondary education.”





Increase the child’s overall academic performance in reading, literacy, math, writing, and science. Equally important, stimulate an inquisitive mind, create healthy study habits, and set a positive mind set and attitude towards school and to challenge what is being taught.



The Parent and Family engagement program will also follow Joyce Epstein’s framework of Six Types of Involvement, which is generally–

  • Parenting  (help families establish home environments to support children as students)
  • Communication (strengthen the flow of communication between the child, parent, and school as a reciprocal process)
  • Volunteering (getting parents to be involved at school or any other way to assist in the learning process)
  • Learning at Home (provide resources to assist the parents with the child’s homework and other curriculum related activities)
  • Decision Making (get parents involved with the schools decision-making process)
  • Collaborating with Community (identity resources within the community that could be integral to strengthening the program




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NaaTsis’Aan Community School shall provide opportunities to all students for success in learning so they can make positive contributions in today’s global society.
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