Facilities & Maintenance

Facility Department & Operations

Naatsis’Aan Community School, Inc. Facility Department and Operations is responsible for maintaining all buildings, grounds, equipment and systems, to ensure that all services and facilities located on NCS property operate at maximum efficiency. Facility Operations also helps to identify, schedule, and repair any hazards or maintenance work and services that may be present to protect the integrity of the safety measures that NCS Facility Team has established. Operations are committed to monitoring and maintaining NCS equipment, utilities, refuse services and good housekeeping to safeguard effective and efficient day-to- day operations.

More importantly, facility operations are committed to following all federal guidelines found under P.L. 100-297. Facility Operations also assists other NCS departments to ensure that all NCS staff are properly trained and certified where needed.

Facility Maintenance Department

Our goal is to ensure our staff strive for excellence, value individuality, foster a passion for learning, promote the balanced development of mind and character while offering exceptional customer service to students, visitors and stakeholders.

Murphy Chief, Facility Supervisor

Roxine Yazzie, Facility Clerk

Alex Gishie Jr., Facility Technician

Alneicya Gishie, Custodian

Jean Marie Holgate, Custodian

Ruth King, Bus Driver

Tina Little, Security



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