Residential Staff

Ella Badoni, Residential Supervisor

Tina Little, Residential Advisor



Residential Services


The Residential Department would like to extend its gratitude towards the Naatsis’Aan community for offering us the opportunity to empower and care their children. Each school year we begin a journey that will support and nurture NCS, Inc.’s, mission and vision statements. Our program strives to instill positivity in student confidence, charity, and character through life experiences and educational endeavors. We work to align both cultural and modern concepts that are vital to individual growth and positive self-reflection. The dormitory at NCS serves as a secondary home for our students, and it is at this home we promote strength in education by acknowledging K’4 (kinship) and self-determination. This acknowledgment creates an atmosphere that offers holistic comfort and a sense of security for our students, so that they may be free to fully engage in the learning opportunities offered by NCS, Inc. Through sound guidance and mentoring we hope to sow the seeds that will instill positive mental, emotional, spiritual and physical growth in each student.

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